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    ING is een wereldwijde financiële instelling met een sterke basis in Europa en specifiek in Nederland. De bank levert commerciële diensten aan klanten in meer dan veertig landen. Het doel van ING is: mensen in staat stellen om zowel privé als zakelijk steeds voorop te blijven lopen. Alle 52.000 medewerkers worden geleid door de zelfde waarden van transparantie, integriteit en sociale verantwoordelijkheid.

  • Think Forward Strategy 

    De bankenwereld is flink veranderd de afgelopen jaren. ING heeft adequaat en revolutionair gereageerd met hun Think Forward Strategy. De Think Forward Strategy is erop gericht een verschil te maken in de klantbeleving, door de organisatie te vereenvoudigen en te stroomlijnen, door te blijven streven naar operationeel uitstekende prestaties, door de prestatiecultuur binnen ING te verbeteren en de kredietverleningscapaciteit te vergroten. De Corporate Strategy Department is intensief betrokken bij de ontwikkeling en uitrol van deze strategie.

  • Werken bij ING: ‘Wij zijn ING’

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De kijk van Aycan Sagir op ING

  • Aycan Sagir - ING - Top of Minds-13

    Aycan Sagir

    Senior Strategy Consultant, Corporate Strategy, ING

    Amsterdam, 2017 | Na haar BA Economie aan de Washington University en haar MSc Management aan de London Business School verhuisde Aycan Sagir naar Dubai waar ze bij BCG ging werken. In 2014 kwam ze naar Nederland om het Corporate Strategy Team van ING te versterken. Lees meer

  • Aycan Sagir - ING - Top of Minds-13

    Aycan Sagir

    Senior Strategy Consultant, Corporate Strategy, ING

    After her BA in economics at Washington University in St. Louis, and her MSc in management at the London Business School, Aycan Sagir moved to Dubai to start at BCG. In 2014, she came to the Netherlands to join the Corporate Strategy Team at ING.

    How did ING come on your path?

    "During my time as a consultant at BCG in Dubai, I discovered how interesting the banking industry really is. You can learn so much about different cultures by studying the way they relate to money. Also, I love the analytical challenges of most banking projects. For example, financial products such as mortgages have a very long lifecycle, adding an extra level of complexity to the balance sheet. When Top of Minds contacted me about this opportunity, I was immediately interested. What added to the attraction was that the bank in question was ING. I’d actually been a customer already since 2011, when I first opened an Orange Account back in Turkey. I developed a lot of respect for the bank due to ING’s strong focus on customers, innovation mindset around digital banking and social responsibility."

    What do you do as a Strategy Consultant at ING?

    "The team consists of 9 Consultants, two Principals and three Project Leaders. We’re part of the Corporate Strategy department, which reports directly to the CEO of the company, Ralph Hamers. We support the board members and Heads of Business Units with strategic projects. We work on a single project for three to four months before moving on to the next project."

    In what way is internal consulting different from external consulting?

    "Both offer constant intellectual challenge, teamwork and opportunity for impact. The obvious key difference is that I now work for one client only, as opposed to the variety of clients and industries I got to work with at BCG. Both are rewarding. I loved learning about new industries as an external consultant, and now I enjoy the synergies that come from focusing on ING only. One of the things that give me the most satisfaction is bringing insights to the current question from an earlier project at ING, where a colleague from a different ING country was perhaps facing a similar issue, and bringing the two colleagues together for knowledge sharing. And after the project concludes, we “remain in the building,” so to speak, so we also get the satisfaction of seeing our strategic recommendations come to fruition."

    What sort of projects do you work on?

    "We tend to work on high impact projects that go to the heart of the strategy of ING Group. Is a particular geographical, product or client market attractive for ING? How can we unite our capabilities across Europe to deliver a consistent customer experience cross-borders? What should be our strategic response to new regulations? A project I liked in particular was building a global simulation tool for the Chief Risk Officer. Based on historical data and decisions in terms of geography and asset type (mortgages, personal loans...), the tool simulates how the balance sheet will develop. It is a powerful tool to highlight potential consequences of various strategic choices."

    ING is known to be a company with an Agile way of working. How have you experienced this?

    "We strive to keep Agile at the core of our way of working, often in methodology but also in mindset. A good example on this is how we worked to formulate our strategic response to PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive). The regulations of the banking industry are changing. In 2018, the PSD2 will be implemented, which means that banks will have to provide open API’s so that third-party providers will be able to access the banking data of customers (with their consent) and initiate bank transactions on their behalf. To figure out what our strategic response should be, we focused on the best way to test and learn the new market as soon as PSD2 arrives, so we started our own Fintech Yolt. The idea: a single environment where you can view (and following PSD2: control) all of your bank accounts and credit cards. The app has just moved into the open beta phase in the UK and we’ve already got some pretty good reviews."

    Before joining ING, you’ve lived in Istanbul, Washington and Dubai. What’s it like working in the Netherlands?

    "Amsterdam is the smallest city I have ever lived in! But there’s a good reason why I’ve been here for almost three years now - the quality of life is high, everything is well organized around here and the Dutch people are very open and relaxed. The work-life balance is respected, and the feedback culture is amazing as well – it’s very honest and direct. It’s professional, but we don’t sugarcoat things. That helps achieve the best results as quickly as possible, and build trust within the team."

    Does the ING Strategy Consulting team open up interesting career opportunities?

    "Definitely. I’m getting to know the bank from a 360-degree perspective, and I’m building up an international network. If I’ll ever want to transition to the business side, I can think of many exciting opportunities. One of my colleagues just moved to the Pricing team for Challenger & Growth Markets as a Senior Marketeer, my Project Leader will start in the Management Team of the Dutch branch network, and soon another colleague will move to Payconiq, another one of the Fintech businesses within our group. Which means there will be a few vacancies coming up..."

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Word wat je wil bij ING
Amsterdam Minimaal 2 jaar ervaring

The Corporate Strategy department of ING provides consulting services to all business units across all functional lines of the bank. For members of the team, the exposure to a wide range of topics and to top management creates ample opportunity for career progression within the organization.

Corporate Strategy at ING

ING is a global financial institution with a strong European base and rising presence in the rest of the world. The purpose of the bank is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. With over 52,000 dedicated employees in over 40 countries, ING offers retail and commercial banking services to more than 34 million customers. For more information, go to Careers at ING.

The Corporate Strategy department consists of 9 consultants from a range of backgrounds (including external consultancies such as BCG, McKinsey and Bain). They support the definition of the strategic vision of the Bank, facilitate the implementation of the Think Forward strategy and alignment of all related initiatives, lead high-impact strategic projects and track performance. The department reports directly into Global CEO Ralph Hamers.


Consultants can join the Corporate Strategy department at a junior or intermediate level. Consultants work in multidisciplinary project teams of internal clients and stakeholders such as Innovation, Risk, Finance or regional organizations and other consultants. The consultant is responsible for research, analyzing relevant input, developing deep insights and composing detailed, actionable solutions. Communication and the ability to work effectively with all levels in the organization – including senior management – is key.

The department focusses on high-impact initiatives in the domains of Corporate & Business Unit Strategy (43% of all projects in 2015), Innovation (36%), Customer & Marketing Strategy (15%), and Operations & IT (6%). For example, typical projects would be:

  • Market Entry Strategy – supporting the Management Board in assessing the opportunity of entering specific countries
  • Country Review – supporting several country CEOs on building their strategy and tactics to increase performance
  • Client Segmentation – using predictive analytics to create client segmentation models based on client needs and behaviors
  • Distribution Strategy – supporting TMB management in designing a branch strategy for the ING Retail Bank in Thailand
  • SME Lending – supporting the launch of an innovative SME lending product, defining the value proposition and market strategy

“One of the things that give me the most satisfaction is bringing insights to the current question from an earlier project at ING, where a colleague from a different ING country was perhaps facing a similar issue, and bringing the two colleagues together for knowledge sharing. And after the project concludes, we “remain in the building,” so to speak, so we also get the satisfaction of seeing our strategic recommendations come to fruition.” Aycan Sagir, Senior Strategy Consultant – Corporate Strategy

Read the full interview with Aycan Sagir, Senior Strategy Consultant – Corporate Strategy

Landing spot for consultants

The team has a strong, positive culture, which is why the Corporate Strategy department consistently scores in the top 10% of departments for workplace satisfaction across the organization. In this department, job satisfaction often comes from the high impact of projects and recommendations. ING encourages a healthy work / life balance so that members of the team have the energy and drive to go the extra mile for clients when needed.

Because all members of the Corporate Strategy department receive extensive support to ensure fast track career development, the department has an excellent track record in both core strategic projects (NPS of ~90%) as well as in placing alumni in senior positions throughout the business.

Contact Roland Vetten (Partner Top of Minds) for more information.

Aycan Sagir Exit Guide Interview

Werken bij ING Corporate Strategy
Amsterdam Minimaal 4 jaar ervaring

De Corporate Strategy afdeling bij ING levert strategisch advies aan alle bedrijfsafdelingen van ING over de gehele functionele linie. De blootstelling aan een verscheidenheid van onderwerpen en een zichtbare positie ten opzichte van het management, maakt van deze afdeling een ideale voedingsbodem voor glansrijke doorgroeimogelijkheden binnen de bank.

Corporate Strategy

ING is een wereldwijde financiële instelling met een sterke basis in Europa. De bank groeit gestaag in de rest van de wereld. De missie is: mensen in staat stellen altijd voorop te blijven lopen, zowel privé als zakelijk. Met meer dan 52.000 werknemers levert de bank commerciële diensten aan meer dan 34 miljoen klanten in meer dan 40 landen. Voor meer informatie, ga naar Top of Minds’ pagina over werken bij ING.

De afdeling Corporate Strategy ondersteunt de strategische visie van de bank, waarborgt de implementatie van de Think Forward strategie, leidt high-impact strategische projecten en analyseert de prestaties. De afdeling rapporteert direct aan de internationale CEO Ralph Hamers, en bestaat uit 15 consultants met uiteenlopende achtergronden (inclusief externe adviesbureaus zoals BCG, McKinsey en Bain).

Project Leader

De Project Leader stuurt een multidisciplinair team aan van maximaal drie interne consultants, een aantal afgevaardigden van interne klanten en aandeelhouders (zoals innovation, landen voor best practices, risk en finance) en (soms) externe consultants. De Project Leader is verantwoordelijk voor de analyses, de opbouw en de oplevering van een uitgewerkte oplossing van het voorliggende vraagstuk.


De afdeling richt zich op high-impact initiatieven op het gebied van Corporate & Business Unit Strategy (43% van alle projecten in 2015), Innovation (36%), Customer & Marketing Strategy (15%) en Operations & IT (6%). Een selectie uit de projecten van 2015:

  • Market Entry Strategy – de Bestuursraad ondersteunen in het onderzoek naar mogelijkheden een buitenlandse markt te betreden
  • Country Review – verschillende country CEO’s ondersteunen bij het opbouwen van hun midden- tot langetermijnstrategie ten behoeve van prestatieverbetering
  • Client Segmentation – een klantsegmentatiemodel creëren, gebaseerd op klantbehoeften en -gedrag door gebruik te maken van Predictive Analytics
  • Distribution Strategy – TMB management ondersteunen in het ontwerp van een branchestrategie voor de ING Retail Bank in Thailand
  • SME Lending – helpen bij het lanceren van een innovatief MKB-kredietproduct, definiëren van de waardepropositie en marktstrategie


Dankzij de sterke teamcultuur behoort de Corporate Strategy Afdeling consequent tot de top-10% van beste werkplekken binnen ING. Teamleden ontvangen uitgebreide ondersteuning om een versnelde carrière-ontwikkeling mogelijk te maken. Het team heeft een uitmuntende staat van dienst in zowel de oplevering van strategische projecten (NPS van ~90%) als in het plaatsen van alumni in senior posities, verspreid door het hele bedrijf.

Het beste van twee werelden

Binnen de afdeling Corporate Strategy wordt werkplezier gewoonlijk verkregen uit de hoge impact van de projecten en aanbevelingen. ING stimuleert echter een gezonde work/life-balance zodat teamleden de energie en de motivatie hebben om een stap extra te zetten wanneer dat nodig is. Gezien het internationale karakter van de ING Groep, zal de Project Leader regelmatig naar het buitenland gaan. Vaak binnen de EU.

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werken bij ING Nederland - ING Amstelveen10
Amsterdam Minimaal 8 jaar ervaring

Uit een rapport van Deloitte (2015) blijkt dat 35% van de grote bedrijven wereldwijd methoden ontwikkelt voor het analyseren en duiden van data omtrent HR. Ze willen data science toepassen op de menselijke kant van de business. ING is een van de koplopers op dit gebied en stelt een Senior Consultant People Analytics aan om dit onderwerp op hoog niveau aan te vliegen.

De analytische benadering van ING op HR en talentontwikkeling

Stel je eens voor hoeveel data er beschikbaar is in een organisatie met meer dan 52.000 medewerkers. Statistieken over personeelsverloop, de doorstroom van werknemers, het gemiddelde inkomen van bestaande en nieuwe medewerkers, de performance en data over de tevredenheid van werknemers. ING ziet deze informatie als essentieel voor de ontwikkeling en duurzame groei van de organisatie. Vooral wanneer het gelinkt kan worden aan zakelijke informatie zoals klanttevredenheid, facility management en de resultaten onder de streep.

“Data, data en nog meer data… Er is geen ontkomen aan People Analytics. Het is voor ons nu al zo belangrijk, dat we een apart Analytics team binnen de HR-afdeling hebben opgezet.” – Hein Knaapen, Global Chief HR Officer

In 2013 is Hein Knaapen gestart met het HR Intelligence & Analytics team. Er zijn al veel resultaten geboekt, maar er is ook nog veel terrein te winnen. De bescherming van persoonsgebonden gegevens heeft een hoge prioriteit, dus er is veel afstemming, overlap en samenwerking met de afdeling Legal. De afdeling van Knaapen kan geavanceerde analyses draaien waaruit actionable insights worden ontsloten. Met deze inzichten kan het Senior Management van ING de juiste (nog ontbrekende) competenties aantrekken, het huidige talent effectiever inzetten, de bezettingscapaciteit efficiënter gebruiken en de werksfeer continu verbeteren. Het doel is zo een optimale omgeving te creëren waarin de medewerkers van ING effectiever en succesvoller kunnen werken. Samenvattend: People Analytics is de sleutel tot succes op de lange termijn.

“We hebben een strikte set aan regels om People Analytics alleen in de positieve zin te gebruiken: het aannemen van de juiste mensen en het scheppen van mogelijkheden voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling en carrièrekansen.” – Brydie Lear, Global Head of HR Intelligence & Analytics

Het team

De afdeling Global Human Resource (GHR) standaardiseert het beleid omtrent het aannemen, trainen en behouden van personeel. Het People Analytics team – onderdeel van GHR – groeit hard en zet voet aan de grond op allerlei afdelingen binnen ING waardoor steeds meer beslissingen gerelateerd aan personeelszaken worden genomen op basis van feiten. Brydie Lear (Global Head of HR Intelligence & Analytics rapporteert rechtstreeks aan Chief GHR Officer Hein Knaapen en ze is lid van het MT. Knaapen is zeer betrokken bij de ontwikkeling van het People Analytics Team en hun werkzaamheden, omdat het uitrollen van People Analytics direct invloed heeft op de strategie van de bank.

Er zijn twee disciplines binnen het team: reporting en geavanceerde analytics. Reporting (4 fte) wordt gekenmerkt door een impact-driven workflow, ze bouwen dashboards, werken aan specifieke projecten en genereren inzichten voor het Senior Management van verschillende afdelingen. Het team voor geavanceerde analytics werkt meer op een conceptueel niveau: ze ontwikkelen nieuwe modellen en halen de juiste stakeholders aan boord.

“Inzicht in data maakt verandering mogelijk, maar is geen doel op zichzelf.” – Brydie Lear, Global Head of HR Intelligence & Analytics

Het overkoepelende doel is het verkrijgen van bruikbare inzichten over wat écht belangrijk is voor werknemers bij ING en welke investeringen direct invloed hebben op de bedrijfsresultaten. Deze informatie is essentieel voor het hogere management. Om de inzichten te genereren worden twee methoden gebruikt: statistische toetsing en verkennende data-analyse waarmee onverwachte patronen kunnen worden ontdekt die leiden tot nieuwe hypotheses. Bij alle projecten wordt regelmatig gecontroleerd of de inzichten bruikbare resultaten opleveren en of de daaruit voortvloeiende aanbevelingen in overeenstemming zijn met ING’s ethische en juridische code.

Vacature voor Senior Consultant People Analytics

De Senior Consultant is de meest ervaren persoon binnen het People Analytics team en overziet beide disciplines (reporting en analyse). Hij/zij staat aan de frontlinie bij het identificeren van de ‘business priorities’, is de sparringspartner van het Senior Management op verschillende afdelingen en heeft de leiding bij grote projecten. Om business development te ondersteunen evalueert de Senior Consultant de behoeften die spelen binnen de organisatie en vertaalt die vragen naar ‘vragen aan de data’. Van tijd tot tijd zal de Senior Consultant namens de Manager People Analytics optreden.

De Senior Consultant is altijd op de hoogte van de interne en externe ontwikkelingen op het gebied van big data, analyses en toepassingen. Hij/zij evalueert hoe deze ontwikkelingen kunnen bijdragen aan de People Analytics bij ING, draagt verbeteringen aan en stelt nieuwe initiatieven voor.

Als projectleider van de grote projecten combineert de Senior Consultant de verzoeken van stakeholders met informatie van buitenaf. Hij/zij maakt een plan van aanpak, voert een primair onderzoek uit in samenwerking met het team en presenteert de resultaten zodanig dat deze gelijk toepasbaar zijn op de praktijk. Senior Consultant geeft richting aan en adviseert het Senior Management.

Kortom, de Senior Consultant is de drijvende kracht achter initiatieven voor verandering binnen HR door middel van relevante informatie en statistieken. Dit vraagt om een balans van strategisch inzicht, sterke communicatievaardigheden en analytische skills. Daarom is ervaring als strategieconsultant een perfecte achtergrond voor deze functie.

“ING is koploper in het domein van People Analytics, en de Senior Consultant accelereert op de ontwikkeling van deze jonge discipline. Dat is wat ik noem: impact.” – Roland Vetten, Director at Top of Minds

Vacancies at ING
Amsterdam Minimaal 7 jaar ervaring

July 2016 – Euromoney magazine gave ING an award for Western Europe’s Best Digital Bank. “Unlike some banks, ING’s investments in digital banking are yielding very real results,” the magazine said. This is an accolade for the bank’s transformation towards consumer-centricity. An important enabler of this transformation is employee and leadership development.

About ING

The bank offers retail and wholesale banking services to customers in over forty countries. Two years ago, CEO Ralph Hamers announced the Think Forward strategy, which puts customer-centric innovation at the core of the business. With this plan, ING addresses significant changes impacting the banking industry; from changing customer expectations to regulatory requirements and digitalization.

As acknowledged by Euromoney magazine, this strategy-led transformation is in full swing. ING is turning into the next generation digital bank, with a differentiating customer experience enabled by a streamlined organization, operational excellence and an enhanced performance culture. This transformation is propelled forward by employee development through tailored training programs.

The Talent & Development Community of ExpertiseRob Robertson Gobal Head of Learning ING

Worldwide, ING employs over 52,000 people. To keep the transformation on track, all employees are offered relevant training and development programs. Targets are the adoption of new skills as well as the development of a new mindset and cultural change. The training curriculum is defined at a global level by the Talent & Development Community of Expertise (CoE), based at the ING HQ in Amsterdam. This CoE is led by Rob Robertson, who joined in December 2014 from Citi, and reports directly into Global Head of Talent & Learning Maaike Westerhof.

Evidence-based learning

Robertson: “In terms of Learning, the organization has seen lot of changes over the last couple of years. One thing that is consistent across business lines and local geographies is the fact that the commitment to L&D remains very high. Over the next 18 months, we will work to focus our efforts to amplify the impact of L&D on the business.”

The approach is strictly evidence-based. “Believing what the industry says about learning is not good enough. We want to change what the industry says.” This means that the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and training materials will be evaluated across several levels. Robertson is closely involved in defining the programs as well as the framework for measuring effectiveness. In order to roll out a global strategy for Learning & Development, Robertson is attracting a new member to the CoE: a Senior Manager Learning & Development.

About the vacancy: Senior Manager Learning & Development

The Senior Manager Learning & Development will take the lead in the design, development, delivery and optimization of ING’s key strategic learning initiatives for around 7000 executives in 42 countries.

There are a number of aspects the Senior Manager Learning & Development will focus on in order to achieve tangible results:

  1. Identifying needs – in the light of the Think Forward strategy, the Senior Manager will identify, analyze and align business requirements and learning needs of ING executives the world over. The research and alignment phase will be in close cooperation with the global HR community and HR leaders across all countries.
  2. Developing the Learning & Development organization – based on previous experience and evidence-based approaches, the Senior Manager will contribute to the design of a world-class Learning & Development framework that fit the bank’s needs. He/she will present recommendations to the board and, once approved, play a crucial role in building the organization from scratch.
  3. Program development – while building said framework, the Senior Manager will also be in the lead for defining the training curriculum for 7000 executives around the world and conceptualizing global programs for this target audience in line with the Think Forward strategy and business needs.
  4. Program execution  the Senior Manager takes the lead in running large global programs such as the Think Forward Leadership Program.
  5. Stakeholder management – a major part of execution will be bringing country organizations on board with the new centralized leadership programs, which will replace existing local initiatives. Needless to say, people skills are crucial.
  6. Marketing & communication – the Senior Manager will communicate program objectives, content and planning to the HR community. Moreover, he/she will enthuse business management and users, in order to create commitment to and understanding of learning programs and objectives.
  7. Evaluation – A crucial step in creating a future-proof Learning & Development organization is evaluate the progress of implementation, establishing the effectiveness of learning programs and using gained insights to optimize the program.

Vacatures bij ING
Amsterdam Minimaal 4 jaar ervaring

From regulations and the economic climate to customer interaction – the banking landscape is changing drastically in every way. As a global top-20 financial institution for private, corporate and institutional customers, ING is responding in a revolutionary way.

The banking revolution

Back in 2005, about 42% of all client interactions happened through local branches. This number has dropped to 5%. Customer contact is rising by 10% a year and reached an average of 12 per month in 2015, with 60% via the mobile app. As CEO Ralph Hamers put it: “That’s a revolution.” ING’s response is expressed by the Think Forward strategy. With its ‘direct first’ model, the bank aims to improve and simplify banking for its customers. For more information, watch ING’s video: What is the next step ahead?.

Culture change

The success of ING in the long run depends on how the organization and its people respond to the changing circumstances. Enabling the right people to excell at their jobs is high on the strategic agenda, resulting in the development of “The Orange Code” and high-profile pilot projects in Spain, Belgium and Financial Markets in the Dutch organization, to cultivate a feedback culture following the likes of Spotify and Google. To propel this strategic priority forward, ING recently appointed Luigi Maria Fierro (ex-McKinsey) as the Group Head of Performance Management, and created a vacancy for a Senior Performance Manager in his team.

Vacancy for a Senior Performance Manager

The Senior Performance Manager is a change agent who will have an impact on the worldwide organization by redesigning the performance management approach and proactively supporting the full roll-out across the whole ING Group. The new approach will support the development of a strengthened ING Performance culture, aimed to improve the individual performance and professional development of every one of ING’s 54 000 employees.

Purpose of the role

For an organization the size of ING, performance management is an intricate nut to crack. The roadmap includes developing vision, running pilots, creating a business case and achieving buy-in from the board before global implementation of plans – which will be flexible enough to allow for adjustment to cultural differences.

Type of work

Following the pilot projects, the Senior Performance Manager will be involved in several work streams to prepare the global implementation of the new performance management approach from 2017 onwards. These work streams will include, for example, assessing country readiness and designing the implementation plan, ensuring development of new IT tools required to support the roll-out, and running workshops for relevant stakeholders in the respective countries. The role will indeed require a strong independency, clear delivery and a make-it-happen mindset.

Exposure within the organisation

CEO Ralph Hamers and Chief HR Officer Hein Knaapen have put performance optimization high on the strategic agenda. Reporting to the Group Head of Performance Management, the Senior Performance Manager will work in close cooperation with (HR) international leaders to drive change within the organization, making this role an excellent launching pad position for ex-consultants.

Corporate Strategy Department of ING
Amsterdam Minimaal 5 jaar ervaring

ING’s Think Forward Strategy

The banking landscape is changing drastically, ING is responding in a revolutionary way presenting its Think Forward strategy. The strategy aims to create a differentiating customer experience enabled by a streamlined organization, operational excellence and an enhanced performance culture. The Corporate Strategy department of ING gets involved developing such a strategy.

Corporate Strategy Department

The Corporate Strategy (CS) department is led by Strategy Director Dorothy Hill, who reports directly to Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING Bank. The CS department consists of two teams:Strategy Consulting (14 FTE) and Strategy Development (7 FTE). The latter supports the Management Board Banking in setting the corporate mission and strategy, drives the implementation and alignment of the Think Forward Strategy, and monitors performance. The former supports ING’s CEOs and Board members through fast-paced, high-impact projects in line with the strategic vision.

Senior PMO Manager

The Senior PMO Manager is responsible for supporting the planning and coordination of the Corporate Strategy department. This is especially related to the execution and implementation of the Think Forward Strategy. Thorough understanding of the projects is key. The Senior PMO Manager works closely with the Head of Corporate Strategy, Dorothy Hillenius.

Type of work

The Senior PMO Manager prepares monthly reports for the Management Board Banking (MBB) on the delivery of key projects, including assessments of whether projects are on track or at risk. This person plans and coordinates strategic topics on the MBB agenda to ensure a timely decision-making. The Senior PMO manager handles the day-to-day management of the Think Forward App, a confidential information tool for the MBB and senior leaders. Last but not least, the PMO manager is involved in the agile coordination of timelines and deliverables for the Corporate Strategy projects.

Candidate profile

Minimum five years’ project management experience preferably in consulting or a blue chip organization constitutes a perfect preparation for this role. Strong analytical and presentation skills, experience with stakeholder management and a high level of professionalism are essential to be successful. The ideal candidate has an academic degree in Banking or Finance.

Amsterdam Minimaal 2 jaar ervaring

Corporate Strategy Department

The Corporate Strategy department (20 to 25 professionals) is led by Dorothy Hill. Hill reports directly to CEO Ralph Hamers. The department comprises two teams: Strategy Development and Strategy Consulting. While Strategy Development supports the Management Board Banking in forming, aligning, driving implementation and monitoring the Think Forward Strategy, the Strategy Consulting team serves local CEOs and Board members with concise, high-impact projects. This team consists of 15 to 20 consultants.

Strategy Consultant

A typical Strategy Consultant within ING’s Strategy Consulting team analyses a wide range of cases and delivers detailed, down-to-earth recommendations. Combining the strategic challenges and project-based set-up of consultancy with the advantages and sustainable corporate culture of ING, this team offers the best of both worlds.

Driver seat experience

Internal clients tend to be business unit CEOs and executive board members. Helping the client drive change within the business is just as important as conceiving strategic advice. Knowing how to link strategy to financial plans is key.

Best of both worlds

For member of the Strategy Consulting team, job satisfaction usually comes from the high impact of projects and recommendations. ING encourages a healthy work/life balance so that members of the team have the energy and drive to go the extra mile for clients when needed. Given the highly international domain of the Group, consultants are expected to be ready to work on international projects (15-20% of projects require travel abroad).


An academic degree and experience at a top-tier strategy consulting firm in Europe constitute the perfect preparation for this role, but consultants also need natural charisma and communicative skills to inspire change in all levels of the organization.

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