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    Meaningful innovations to help billions of people live healthier and more sustainable lives – that’s what Philips stands for.  In 2016, the multinational celebrates its 125th anniversary. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the organization has R&D sites and manufacturing sites in all continents, amounting to a total of over 105,000 employees. Up until 2016, the company was good for an annual turnover of around 21 billion euro and used to consist of three business units: Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting. As of 2016, Philips Lighting has become an independent company. For the remaining company, the focus is on HealthTech, and the business model is moving towards technology solutions partnerships.


  • Philips’ reputation

    For the ninth year in a row, Philips has achieved the top position in the Reputation Institute’s ranking of Dutch companies. The Reputation Institute has identified three main reasons. First off, it’s a high-tech innovator addressing the longer-term challenges our world faces – from a rising demand for energy-sufficient solutions to the implications of the ageing of the population. Secondly, it is known to be active in popular categories such as consumer electronics. And last but not least, there is an element of national pride as Philips is regarded as true Dutch heritage. As an employer, it is Philips’ mission to be the best place to work for people who share the passion for innovations that matter. To attract top talent from all over the world, Philips offers an excellent relocation package.

  • Working on innovation

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actuele vacatures

Amsterdam Minimaal 7 jaar ervaring

Philips’ mission is to improve billions of lives each year with innovative technology solutions and services. The company serves both professional and consumer markets throughout the world in the areas of health systems, personal health and lighting solutions.

Focus on HealthTech

Philips first moved into the health tech domain in 1918, with the introduction of the medical X-ray tube. Celebrating its 125th birthday this year, Philips is still evolving rapidly in response to the changing market. The company is currently in the process of separating the Lighting business. Philips will focus on two major opportunities within the HealthTech domain:

  • Industrialization of care: enabling providers to deliver lower-cost care and better outcomes
  • Personalization of care: driving convergence of professional healthcare and consumer health

Philips’ vision is a Health Continuum where consumers and all relevant health professionals engage on their health journey seamlessly and on an ongoing basis. Philips plays in all five stages it distinguishes in this Health Continuum: Healthy Living, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Home Care. With ‘Monitoring, informatics and connected care’, Philips also focuses on the processes overarching all stages of the Health Continuum.

The Group Strategy Team

The Strategy team works on high impact projects with a mandate from the Philips Executive Committee. Projects vary from group level to deep dives in to a specific industry or market. It is a central team based out of four global hubs located in Amsterdam, Boston, Singapore and Shanghai. The majority of the team has a strategy consulting background (BCG, Bain, McKinsey, etc.) but the team also includes industry hires. Most have an MBA from an internationally renowned business school such as Insead, Judge and Wharton. The team works with Philips businesses, market organizations and functional teams, supplying them with deep business insights, actionable strategic direction and thought leadership.

About the vacancy: Director Group Strategy

At Director level, members of the Strategy team drive strategy projects across Philips’ businesses. They are actively involved in the decision-making process of the Philips Executive Committee. Responsibilities range from global projects at group level to high-impact projects within specific markets. Typical projects could be as broad as the evaluation of Philips’ global footprint in terms of value creation opportunities, the creation of a market entry strategy for kitchen appliances in the US, the identification and mapping of growth opportunities in the global Clinical Informatics market or a deep dive into the requirements to thrive in the Chinese market for Philips’ businesses.

During the initial phase of employment, the Director Group Strategy will develop a specialization – depending on circumstances, this could be on group or market level, in a line of business or focus area (personal health, definitive diagnosis, guided therapy, connected care and health informatics). The expertise will enable the Director Group Strategy to contribute actionable strategy advice and translate long-term ambitions into pragmatic projects.

Leadership and stakeholder management

The Director Group Strategy is an inspiring leader, excellent at managing up as well as down and sideways. He or she will actively coach members of the Strategy team and spur them on in their professional development. The director will show people skills as well as a results-driven attitude when managing project teams. These teams consist of strategist as well as stakeholders throughout the organization. The director will work closely with senior management and is confident presenting recommendations and business cases at this level.

Potential next steps

Within Philips, the Strategy team is a proven landing spot for strategy consultants, and a stepping stone for future leaders. There is the opportunity to develop further within the strategy career track, but many predecessors have successfully moved into other areas of business – from general management to marketing, from Healthcare IT to Mother & Child Care. Projects form the ideal opportunity for members of the Strategy team to get to know the business better and vice versa.

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