• Horizon 2020 

    Over the past 10 years, significant growth has been driven by increasing volumes and acquisition. ForFarmers currently counts over 2,300 employees and 37 production facilities. Because livestock needs to eat, this market is relatively resistant to economic crises. On the contrary, major changes are caused by the increase of scale. Together with McKinsey, the ‘Horizon 2020’ strategy has been developed to reinforce ForFarmers’ position further.

  • From compound feed tot total feed solutions

    For example, while 75% of ForFarmers’ current sales consist of compound feed, more and more farmers are choosing to buy separate ingredients and mix their own feed. Instead of trying to convince them otherwise, ForFarmers offers advice and add separate ingredients such as concentrates and vitamins to the assortment. Knoop: “Our efforts are entirely focused towards helping farmers improve their returns. We do this by providing them with best-in-class nutritional solutions, specialist expertise and world-class technical advice to promote animal health, welfare and faster growth rates as well as minimize impact on the environment.” To achieve this, ForFarmers has its own innovation centre which closely cooperates with renowned research institutes and universities.

  •  Momentum 

    Following recent unstoppable growth, ForFarmers is using the momentum to invest in the future and reform the company. Leaders getting on board now will have an unprecedented opportunity to leave their mark on the food chain.

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vervulde vacatures

Nederland Minimaal 6 jaar ervaring

As a member of the Senior Management (±45 people) at ForFarmers, the Commercial Excellence Manager will shape and lead the implementation of Horizon 2020, the strategy developed together with McKinsey. A business transformation to bring functional excellence to all species and regions, shifting the emphasise from sales volumes to value. 

Purpose of the role

Reporting to the Director of Strategy & Organization, the Commercial Excellence Manager is the driving force behind the company-wide implementation of category thinking, broadening the portfolio and professionalizing the Sales Force, supported by an advanced CRM system which is yet to be designed, building on various platforms that are currently in use.


Food, Consumer Goods, Industrial Chemicals… every sector has a different approach to Sales. Which doesn’t mean they can’t learn from each other. The Commercial Excellence Manager will identify parallels and bring useful learnings from different sectors to ForFarmers. Because strategy consultants have experienced a wide range of industries, this role is cut out for them.

With both feet on the ground

A hands-on approach is necessary to touch base. The aim is to rear trust among farmers and help them improve their business – harvesting the sales is a separate department. The Commercial Excellence Manager will work in close collaboration with key farms, Sales Reps and regional COO’s to structure the transformation, manage the pace, anticipate and avoid obstacles along the way.


The livestock feed business is at the core of our food chain. The implementation of a McKinsey strategy in an industry as relevant and tangible as this is a unique opportunity for strategy consultants with at least six years’ experience at a top-tier firm.

In order to bring change to a business the size of ForFarmers, one needs to be strong in every way, shape or form. Strategic, analytical, but especially motivational. A proactive self-starter with the agility to adjust plans in line with changing circumstances. Influencer able to motivate and rally people despite ambiguity or even without a full mandate. Knowledge of the main value creation levers, methodologies and tools in similar transformations is a must.

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