With 820,000 hotels and accommodations in the fold and counting, has been experiencing phenomenal growth. Within the last year alone, 285 million guests have booked their accommodations on the platform. They attribute their success to never losing sight of the customer’s needs and remaining true to the mission: to help travellers – whatever their budgets – easily discover, book and enjoy the world’s best places to stay. To stay in high gear, has to remain hungry, execute at incredible speeds and be humble in the way the company approaches its marketplace. And for that, needs people with a consulting background and industry experience.

  • Working at is the planet’s #1 accommodation site, dedicated to helping travelers discover the world. The 10.000+ team members are working hard every day from more than 170 offices all over the world to make this happen. HQ is in Amsterdam, where you’ll find all sorts of nationalities. All these people have one thing in common though: they want to create the best customer experience possible. Be it for the business traveler who makes a reservation through’s website, or for the holiday maker who wants to get the best possible deal on accommodation.

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For, it’s all about the cultural fit. Some key words: customer first, data-driven, humble and getting things done. A suitable professional background would be at least 8 years of experience, ideally a combination of first-tier strategy consulting and e-commerce experience. The standards are extremely high. For good reason though, candidates will get the opportunity to grow into future leadership positions. Want to know if you are a suitable candidate? Read the stories of your peers.

Megan Anderson, Director Customer Service

Megan Anderson: “ is the company with the world’s most impressive customer service solution. The sheer scale of it is unparalleled and we aim for the customer experience to be the same, because customer service is our biggest differentiator. lt’s a complex business model, but I think we’ve cracked it. Our biggest challenge is to keep up with the company’s growth. Making sure all systems, processes and teams are scalable is a very complex puzzle. Regardless whether you’re a booker or business partner, no matter where you are and what time of day you call, you can always expect to speak to a native speaker in your own language. We’re continuously optimizing the accuracy of forecasting, making sure our call centers are staffed appropriately and measuring performance to make sure every single one of our 5,000 agents has the right knowledge, skills and attitude. So if you’re German and you’ve got an issue with your room in Tokyo, we’ve  got your back.”

Rob Ransom, Director BookingSuite

Rob Ransom: “BookingSuite is a start-up in many ways, developing B2B software to help accommodation partners grow their business. Our products range from a content management system for a responsive website to a central reservation system. As a one-product company, these additional services will make us more resilient. This will strengthen the relationship with hotels, which will drive further growth. BookingSuite will turn into a one-stop-software-shop for hotels, small and large. It should be a full hotelmanagement system including yield management, staff planning, content management, marketing and much more. And we’re well on our way to make this ambition come true. As we’re a customer-centric company, a commercial mindset is crucial. There are lots of ideas for additional services, that’s not the issue. Building the products is the easy part. Bringing new customers in is where things become tricky. But what we need most of all are strategists who can think client-first.”

Remco van Zanten, Director Partner Services

Remco van Zanten: “Hospitality may seem like a niche market, but don’t let that fool you: with 950,000 transactions a day, we are one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. And wherever we look, we see room for growth. One of our core values is to always put the customer first. To help more customers find a place where they’d like to stay, we need to get more and more accommodations to join our platform. So as the Director Partner Services, I put our accommodation partners first. We’re continuously improving their user experience and we do everything to make sure each accommodation is found. For example, we have a pool of 1,000 freelancers translating all of the content into 42 languages. With our scale and complexity, everything we do needs to be data-driven and demand-driven. lt’s my ambition to get smarter  in the way we work with our partners.”

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