• The origin of Ampelmann

    Ampelmann is a global, fast-growing and innovative company in the offshore sector. It started in 2007 as a spin-off of the TU Delft, with the ambition to make offshore access as easy as crossing the street. Fast-forward to 2016, and find that almost 2.5 million people have walked to work safely on more than 150 Ampelmann projects worldwide. With offices in Delft, Aberdeen, Brunei, Houston, Qatar, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore, Ampelmann sets new standards in safety all over the world.

  • Ampelmann technology

    The unique Ampelmann systems use motion sensors and hydraulic cylinders to create self-stabilizing technology. This facilitates motion-compensating gangways to create safe, reliable and efficient access to oil and gas rigs and wind turbines at open sea. As well as gangways, Ampelmann offers motion-compensating solutions for heavy-lift operations and ship-to-ship solutions to enable transfer between floating structures.


  • Careers at Ampelmann Operations

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Delft Minimaal 3 jaar ervaring

About Ampelmann

Ampelmann is an innovative company with the vision to make offshore access as easy as crossing the street. Their product range features on-board platforms which compensate for the motion of the waves. Like a flight simulator, each platform is powered by six hydraulic cylinders. This enables safe, efficient and reliable transfer of personnel and goods between vessels and offshore structures like oil & gas platforms and wind turbines. Founded in 2007, Ampelmann now employs almost 400 people around the world – from designers and engineers to commercial staff and operators. Together, they have achieved that almost 2,5 million people have walked to work safely on over 150 Ampelmann projects around the globe.

A brand new B2B Marketing department

Ampelmann has reached the scale and maturity that require a more strategic type of marketing. To ensure Ampelmann will continue building on its leading position, a new Marketing department has been formed. The newly appointed Marketing Manager focuses on establishing and optimizing the B2B marketing cycle. The key stages of the cycle are:

  1. Customer and market insights
  2. Value propositions and concepts
  3. Activation
  4. Measuring and tracking

To achieve this, a vacancy has been created for a Market Insights Analyst.

Vacancy: Market Insights Analyst

The Market Insights Analyst will get a lot of responsibility. This position will bring the voice of the customer into the business in a way that has direct and immediate impact on the business.

Based on the company strategy, this strategist will identify research needs and priorities. By providing in-depth insights in the market, market potential and customer needs, the Market Insights Analyst will support company-wide decision making. Although seated within the Marketing department, the impact of this role will reach much further than communication and brand activation – it will even give direction to portfolio of products and services and business development.

Core responsibilities

  1. Defining which tools and external data-partners are needed to provide crucial insights.
  2. Outlining the Ampelmann potential in current and new markets. The goal is to focus all Business Development efforts towards the clients, countries and projects with most potential. To support that aim, the Market Insights Analyst will take responsibility for the assessment of market potential for new innovations.
  3. Supporting the business development team with up to date market insight per region, country and client.
  4. Ensuring the MT and the Board have the right information on current markets and businesses in order to make decisions on new developments and new markets.
  5. Creating business cases to assess the market potential and profitability of new products and innovations.

Career path

As Ampelmann is growing rapidly, there are no defined career tracks yet, but there will be ample opportunity for career progress. Depending on personal ambition and business needs, next steps may be within Market Intelligence, Marketing or Finance. International steps may be possible as well.

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